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12" x 18" Water to Air Heat Exchanger, 90,000 BTU (Dragon Quality)

Water to Air Heat Exchanger, 90,000 BTU, 12" x 18" with 1" Ports

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Installation type: Copper Sweat
Material: Copper / Aluminum
Size: 12" x 18"
UPC: 725264059716
Manufacturer: AH&S
Sku: HTL12x18
Warranty: Yes, 1 Year
  • Tube Coil is manufactured entirely of 3/8" seamless copper.
  • Plate Fin is made from Aluminum.
  • The core housing is made from galvanized steel.
  • 99.9% Pure L Grade Copper
  • Dragon Quality Products
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Product Description

Our NEW Dragon HTL Water to Air Heat Exchangers are of the Highest Quality products on the market and great fit for a variety of heating and cooling applications. These compact units are designed to maximize heat transfer by utilizing a series of 3/8" copper tubes with a high density of aluminum fins. These fins are spaced such that the fin density is 12 fins per inch. This design enables heating loads of 50,000-60,000 Btu per square foot. Despite such high fin density, there is minimal flow resistance through these water to air heat exchanger coils.

Typical Applications

  • Residential Heating
  • Apartment Buildings and Condominiums
  • Hybrid Systems
  • Air Conditioning
  • Dehumidification

Features and Specs

  • Tube Coil is manufactured entirely of 3/8" seamless copper
  • Plate Fin is made from Aluminum
  • The core housing is made from galvanized steel
  • The header is made from Copper and has a 1" ID
  • The Tubeside is rated at 175 psig/350F
  • BTU: 90,000
  • 99.9% Pure L Grade Copper
  • Plate Fin Spacing is 12 per inch
  • All connections are 1 inch ID Solder
  • Ports long enough to work with SharkBite Fittings
  • Units kept in stock for immediate delivery
More Information

Features of the Water to Air Heat Exchanger:


Tube Coil

36" Seamless Copper


Plate Fin



Core Housing

Galvanized Steel






175 psig/350F

Plate Fin Spacing



All Connections

3/4" ID Solder


New ArrivalsNo
Shipping LabelQuick Shipment
BrandDragon HTL
Compatible withAH&S
Made In USANo
Installation TypeCopper Sweat
MaterialCopper / Aluminum
Size12" x 18"
Freight (not shippable)No
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