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Hardy Wood Boilers Parts

Hardy Wood Boilers Parts

Made from stainless steel in the United States, Hardy wood stoves are built to withstand years of repeated use. For more than 44 years, Hardy’s top-quality alternative heat sources have been the industry standard, and the savings homeowners enjoy from using a Hardy wood furnace make them well worth the investment. Hardy wood boilers have utilized innovative technology since they entered the market in 1976, continuously improving over the years to offer cutting-edge solutions.

Hardy wood stoves are placed outside the home. This ensures that fire, smoke, and soot stay out of your residence while heat is transferred inside. Additionally, there are no dirty chimneys to clean or fire hazards to worry about. A Hardy wood stove can even provide your family with reliable hot water for a pool, hot tub, garage, and more.

Unlike other sources such as a heating pump, it doesn’t matter what the temperature is outside to keep the air inside your home warm. This is because the system is controlled by an accurate thermostat. The unit is also surprisingly mobile and can be placed near your wood supply, making it convenient to fuel it year-round.

Replacement Parts for Your Heating Needs

While Hardy no longer manufactures wood stove units, it is still making replacement Hardy wood stove parts so that you can keep your equipment functioning at its peak capacity. Whether you chose to install a wood stove for substantial energy bill savings, a desire to be more self-sufficient, or because they are environmentally friendly, Alternative Heating & Supplies has the Hardy heater parts you need. We also offer products for a variety of other leading wood boiler brands.

For more information about our products, visit our Alternative Heating & Supplies resources section!

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