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Alternative Heating & Supplies is a go-to resource for high-quality accessories for leading pellet stove brands like Harman. One of the nation’s premier manufacturers, Harman pellet stoves are some of the most highly rated and cost-efficient options on the market today. To help you maximize your stove, we’re proud to offer a reliable battery backup device that ensures you have the heat you need at all times.

We’ve established a reputation as an industry leader in outdoor wood boiler parts and indoor wood stoves by providing quality products and unparalleled customer care. If you are installing a new heating unit in your home, a Harman wood stove is an ideal option. These products provide reliable heat throughout the winter and create an inviting, cozy atmosphere your family will love coming home to. Our backup batteries help you have greater peace of mind knowing that your pellet stove will remain functional even during a power outage.

Keep Your Harman Wood Stove Running All Winter Long

Alternative Heating & Supplies offers a high-quality SF512 backup battery device to keep your Harman system producing heat when the power is out. This product interfaces between your AC wall outlet and your Harman heater to charge a battery to power your stove. If you happen to lose electricity due to a harsh winter storm, the device automatically kicks in and keeps your pellet stove functioning.

If you live in a part of the country with cold, harsh winters, you want to choose the very best products to ensure you are never left out in the cold. Our Harman SF512 backup batteries are some of the highest quality products available, making them an excellent choice for any home.

You can always rely on Alternative Heating & Supplies when you need wood furnace parts and accessories at great prices. Harman is one of the many brands we offer in our line of products, which includes valves, vents, heat exchangers, treatment solutions, fans, and much more.

Need help finding what you’re looking for? Be sure to check out Alternative Heating & Supplies’ resources for helpful tips, do-it-yourself instructions, and more.

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