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3/4" Isolation Flange Ball Valve


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  • Size: 3/4
  • Lead Free Brass
  • BlueFin Quality
  • Universal Flange
  • Fits all Flanged pumps
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Product Description

BluFinCirculator Isolation Flanges (CIF) are used in pairs to connect circulating pumps in hydronic systems. These
devices rapidly isolate a circulator to be serviced and eliminate the need to drain and refill the entire system. The CIF
integrates a 2-bolt flange connection (common to small circulating pumps) with a full-port ball valve. This practical "all-in-
one" design reduces the number of plumbing connections and results in a more reliable, economical, and easily serviced
hydronic system.

Typical Applications

Circulator pump isolation


  • Size: 3/4''
  • Handle: Nut Steel
  • Stem gland screw: Brass ASTM B-16
  • Packing: Teflon® (PTFE)
  • Stem: Brass ASTM B-16
  • Body: Forged/cast Brass
  • Ball: Brass/Forged Brass (chrome-plated)
  • Seats: Teflon®
  • Compact Durable Design

  • Enables pump isolation for easy servicing

  • Fits most flanged circulators
  • Corrosion-resistant brass body and flange

  • Dual Buna N O-ring seals prevent stem leaks

  • 1/4 turn open/close lever-style handle

  • Available in 1/2", 3/4", 1", 11/4" and 1 1/2" sizes

  • NPT

More Information

3/4" Isolation Flange Ball Valve, 

Furnish and install, as shown on plans and in accordance with the manufacturer's installation instructions, Armstrong Series CIF
Isolation Flanges. The Circulator Isolation Flange shall be a full-port isolation valve with an integral flanged connection for the
circulating pump. The flanged connection shall feature slotted holes. The Circulator Isolation Flange shall be constructed with
a brass body and flange, chrome-plated brass ball, PTFE seat, dual Buna N O-ring seals, and a lever-style handle.

Materials of Construction

  • Valve Body and Flange: Brass
  • Stem: Brass
  • Ball: Chrome-plated brass
  • Stem O-Rings: Buna N
  • Seat: PTFE

Easy to Install

  • Slotted flange bolt holes
  • Includes mounting nuts and bolts
  • Saves time and money

Full Port Design

  • Ensures minimum system resistance contribution
  • Provides “bubble-tight” shut-off when closed



Size: 26
Brand: ACS

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review for 3/4" Isolation Flange Ball Valve, 110124-000

3/4 pipe threads please

3/4" Isolation Flange Ball Valve

3/4" Isolation Flange Ball Valve