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Wood Boiler DIY Installation Kits to Build a Wood Furnace on Your Own

Find out what DIY kits you can use to build your own outdoor wood boiler. In the previous post you’ve learned what are the necessary aspects that you should take into consideration when building your own wood boiler, but now you’ll learn all about the DIY kits that you can use to simplify your work.

DIY Installation Kits for Building Your Own Wood Boiler

In this blog post you’ll learn all the details you need to know about four basic DIY installation kits to successfully build your own wood boiler and heat your home:

The DIY Wood Boiler Door Installation Kit

DIY Wood Boiler Door Installation Kit DIY Wood Boiler Door Installation Kit

This is the Alternative Heating & Supplies DIY kit for installing your wood boiler door.

It's has a 24-inch by 24-inch door, it is air cooled, and it has everything done to it already and just install it.

Basically, what the kit comes with is the actual door. Now that I have taken the fan cover away, you can kinda see the parts: the fan, the laminated solenoid, the wire, the spring, and everything that you need to ensure that it goes up and down properly.

DIY Wood Boiler Door Installation Kit Components DIY Wood Boiler Door Installation Kit Components

And what it does is that you simply will use this aquastat to tell it when to open and close, and turn on the fan. And this aquastat is a Ranco. It's a very inexpensive but very, very accurate device, very simple to program.

DIY Door Kit Components: Ranco Aquastat DIY Door Kit Components

The kit also contains a stainless steel immersion well, that will simply send the probe into your water jacket, that will connect to your fan control.

You should know that the aquastat is not waterproof, it is water resistant, so I recommend that you place the immersion well in an area that is of the weather. Also, you should know that the cord of the aquastat is about 12 feet long.

Everything is prepared for you, you just have to follow the directions the kit contain and you’re ready to mount the door, simple and easy.

The DIY Wood Boiler Kit Complete

The DIY Kit Complete The DIY Kit Complete

The next kit is the DIY Kit Complete without the door. The kit is already prepared, what you need to do is just to mount it to your door or on the back of the boiler.

The DIY Kit Complete Installation The DIY Kit Complete Installation

My recommendation is to mount it to the door, as the doors need to be air-cooled or somehow cooled, so they don't warp or twist.

Also, the doors that we sell here, at Alternative Heating & Supplies, are air-cooled, they contain the fan that cools the door.

The DIY Kit Aquastat

DIY Kit Aquastat DIY Kit Aquastat

The next kit is the DIY Kit Aquastat. To install it, you have to take off the fan. Some people wanna use their own fans, or a bigger, larger, or even smaller fan.

The DIY Kit Aquastat The DIY Kit Aquastat

Also, the laminated solenoid, the bracket that actually holds the fan are going to be taken off as well, the spring, and the fan cover, to keep a nice tight air-seal, the wire, and also the aquastat with the dry well.

All these parts are included in the kit so that you can easily change your wood boiler door components. In the package, you’ll also find the directions to wire these all up.

The DIY Kit

The DIY Basic Kit The DIY Basic Kit

And then you got the DIY kit, which is just the simple basics of it all. In this case, you’re going to be using your own aquastat and fan, but you will get the bracket, the laminated solenoid, the wire, the fan cover, and the springs, to make everything work properly.

additionally, I want to point out that there are some things that need a yearly replacement, or at least every other year, such as the rubber flapper, that needs to stay very loose and flexible to ensure that no air travels in, the wood fire rope, so that you can have a nice and clean environment to make sure that your boiler is not smoking too much.

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2 thoughts on “Wood Boiler DIY Installation Kits to Build a Wood Furnace on Your Own”

  • John Hart

    I am interested in building a durable and reliable outdoor wood furnace. Where would you recommend l get plans for building one?
    Thank you.

    • admin

      You are the designer... you decide how you want to build it. I would copy a proven unit that has been around for years. But you will not find plans for them. I did make a video of the basics of building your own unit. Here is the link.


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