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Therm-O-Disc 59T 4090, Surface Mount Thermostat, 90°-150° F

Surface Mount Thermostat

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Input Current: 115
UPC: 725264059303
Manufacturer: Therm-O-Disc
Sku: AQ005
Warranty: Yes, 1 Year
  • Lower or 1 element, surface mount
  • Manual reset 90-150 F
  • Some wood furnaces use this to turn on fans or pumps
  • 120 VAC
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Product Description

The 59T series of adjustable, automatic reset thermostats is designed to meet the high electrical capacity requirements of electric water heaters.  Its design uses a snap action, temperature sensitive bimetal disc to provide long dependable control life at electric loads up to 30 amps at 250VAC. 

Typical Applications

Water heaters

Performance Data

  • Manual reset 90° - 150° F
  • 120 VAC
  • Single pole, single throw = 5-15°F ( 3-8°C)
  • Single pole, double throw = 17 - 27°F ( 9-15°C)


      • Lower or 1 element
      • Single pole, single throw or single pole, double throw, open on temperature rise construction
      • 59T mounting tabs snap into industry standard mounting brackets to mount to surface of water heater tank.
      • Welded construction used on all internal current carrying components for greater electrical integrity
      • 10-32 tin-plated terminal screws for electrical connections
      More Information

      AQ005 Therm-O-Disc - 59T4090 Thermostat, lower or 1 element, surface mount, manual reset 90°-150° F, some wood furnaces use this to turn on fans or pumps, 120 VAC.

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