This is another Alternative Heating & Supplies episode and in this blog post we are going to talk about how to set up the control panel during the annual wood stove cleaning program.


I just added the CF205 and one gallon of white vinegar. Now, the additive in the white vinegar works best at 100 degrees.  The unit is at 73 degrees because it's in the middle of the summer, and we're not running the unit at this point. So what we're gonna do is, we're gonna build a fire for 4-8 hours just to maintain about 120 degrees or more, or 100 degrees or more.



Control Panel

Wood Stove Control Panel

Once that happens, we're gonna let the fire go out, we're gonna drain the unit, and now we're gonna add our anti-scale and rust inhibitor.




Which is our product called ProTech 300, or you can go to your manufacturer's anti-scale and rust inhibitor, fundamentally, they're all the same. They're all made from, more or less, two different companies, so, they're the same.

Wood Boiler Controllers

DA and LA Controllers

In this case, let me get to one more thing here, you're seeing an "LA" and also a "DA."



Low Alarm



Door Alarm

Now, the "DA" stands for door alarm. These controllers were designed to be used in a cooler environment, like a walk-in freezer. So, the door alarm is telling you that the door is open, that's why the temperature's increasing or decreasing.

The low alarm is saying that the temperature is lower than what you have set it for, which is usually around 170 degrees.

Now, once you get past 160 degrees, that "LA" and that "DA" will go away. It means nothing, and you shouldn't be bothering yourself with it.

SET Controller

The only things you should be bothering is if you hit the "set" button, that'll reset the system, telling that system to fire off when necessary, and it will activate when ready, okay?

FAN Controller

Now, the reason why the fans didn't turn on is that I have the fans off here. If you turn 'em on, you can hear the fans, but I'm turning it off just because I know it's there.

If I hit the set button and hold it, it's gonna tell me the temperature that the unit is set to. In this case, it's set to 180, to turn off at 170.

WoodMaster Shield


WoodMaster Shield

WoodMaster Shield

One of the other things that WoodMaster came out with was this nice shield. It actually prevents the driving rain and moisture from getting into the control panel, shorting out the control panel, messing with any of the wires.

It is a very simple thing to mount, simply has the four bolts, mounts on top. And now, you can see everything, and you do your controls from underneath. Very simple, inexpensive, and it'll save you the hassles with the driving rain or moisture that might get into the unit.

Check out our yearly maintenance kits and if you need assistance or you have questions that we did not cover here, give us a call!