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Outside Wood Furnace Install Kits

When you are wondering who to turn to for the best wood stove boiler kit, the only answer is Alternative Heating & Supplies. Our Connecticut-based company has everything you need to keep things running efficiently. Whether it is for a home or a business, wood furnaces can reduce your heating costs and ensure your comfort.

Outdoor wood boiler kits are popular among homeowners because the systems are located outside the home or business and circulate hot water throughout the home via insulated underground pipes. They save on utility costs and help reduce your carbon footprint by using renewable natural resources. If you are looking for outdoor wood boiler kits, you have come to the right place. The experts at Alternative Heating & Supplies can get you set up with the best DIY outdoor wood boiler kit on the market.

If you use a pellet stove, you already know that they are one of the most effective means of heating available, however, if you lose power your system will stop providing heat. Pellet stove battery backup kits are the best means of avoiding this potential disaster. These systems pull voltage from batteries and provide power for your pellet system in an emergency.

When you need a do-it-yourself wood boiler kit, you can count on Alternative Heating & Supplies. We carry everything from aquastat hydro coil kits to boiler kits with hydro coils to keep your home and business systems running adequately. Outdoor water boilers and indoor wood burning furnaces are our specialties, and our team of experts is always here to help with anything you need.

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  1. Pool / Spa Kit 1"  Brass Fittings - Maintainance & Treatment
    Pool / Spa Kit 1" Pool / Spa Kit 1"
    SKU: PSkit01
    Was $297.23 Sale Price $274.55
  2. Hydro Coil Kit - Do It Yourself Kits - Copper Fittings
    Hydro Coil Kit Hydro Coil Kit
    SKU: HCkit
    Was $18.80 Sale Price $17.99
  3. Aquastat & Hydro Coil Kit - Aquastats and Controllers
    Aquastat & Hydro Coil Kit Aquastat & Hydro Coil Kit
    SKU: AHCkit
    Was $174.99 Sale Price $153.49
  4. Manual By-Pass Kit - Install Kits
    Manual By-Pass Kit Manual By-Pass Kit
    SKU: MBPkit
    Was $45.00 Sale Price $41.99
  5. Pool / Spa Kit 3/4" Brass Fittings - Maintainance & Treatment
    Pool / Spa Kit 3/4" Pool / Spa Kit 3/4"
    SKU: PSkit34
    Was $297.23 Sale Price $274.55
  6. Install Kit - SharkBite Installation
    Sharkbite Install Kit Sharkbite Install Kit
    SKU: INSTkitsb
    Was $73.99 Sale Price $59.49
  7. Manual Feed Kit - Install Kits
    Manual Feed Kit Manual Feed Kit
    SKU: MFkit
    Was $29.00 Sale Price $25.99
  8. Brazed Boiler Kit - BK Unions, Brass FPT by Pex, Crimp Ring
    Brazed Boiler Kit Brazed Boiler Kit
    SKU: BBkit
    Was $26.00 Sale Price $19.99
  9. Shaver Install Kit, Install Kits
    Shaver Install Kit Shaver Install Kit
    SKU: SINSTkit
    Was $63.00 Sale Price $50.99
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