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Mahoning Outdoor Furnace Parts

Mahoning Outdoor Furnace Parts

Wood boiler brands are meeting people’s heating needs now more than ever, and Mahoning Outdoor furnaces use the latest innovative technology to keep your home warm. This industry-leading brand manufactures free-standing units, most of which burn wood as fuel. Outdoor wood burners are ideal for individuals who want to keep the smoke, soot, and odors outside their home while still enjoying affordable heat.

A Mahoning Outdoor furnace can do just that, and because the heat source is coming from wood, homeowners will see substantial savings on their energy bills. The wood does not need to be finely chopped either, as Mahoning Outdoor Wood burners are designed with massive fireboxes to burn large logs. Additionally, because the unit itself is outside, there is no fire hazard inside the house. This also means no big chimneys to clean out and a lower risk of carbon monoxide, which can be lethal to you and your family.

Even more convenient is the fact that outside wood burners can be hooked up to existing heating systems so that, once the wood burns low, the other methods of heat switch on until more is added. This means that if someone cannot fuel the furnace with wood, there is no need to worry about running out of heat. Outdoor wood burners are not just for heating homes, either. They can be a source of unlimited hot water for pools, hot tubs, barns, and sheds.

High-Quality Parts for High-Quality Furnaces

Mahoning uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure you get the most out of your wood fuel, including tubing, heat exchangers, and wood stove fans and blowers. The temperature is controlled by a precise thermostat so that you can keep your home warm and comfortable at all times.

Maintaining a healthy unit means using quality Mahoning Outdoor parts to keep your furnace running at its very best. Luckily, you can find all of the replacement products you need at Alternative Heating & Supplies. For more information about our selection of parts, check out our Alternative Heating & Supplies Resources section.

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  1. Solenoid Bracket, Round, Tools & Accessories
    Solenoid Bracket - Round Solenoid Bracket - Round
    SKU: SB001s
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  2. ACS Home and Hearth Cleaner Spray bottle 32oz
    ACS Home & Hearth Cleaner ACS Home & Hearth Cleaner
    SKU: ACSCleaner
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  3. Anti-Creo-Soot Gallon
    Anti-Creo-Soot (Gallon) Anti-Creo-Soot (Gallon)
    SKU: ACS1Gal
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  4. 300 Test Kit
    300 Test Kit 300 Test Kit
    SKU: 300 Test kit
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