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Why & How to Choose the Best Outdoor Wood Boiler

In this blog post, you're going to find out all about wood boilers: which outdoor wood boiler is best to use and who makes it, and how efficient it is to use one to heat your home, the advantages it has for our environment, wood boiler comparisons, features, parts, and accessories. Additionally, you'll learn the most effective practices from the experts in choosing your new wood furnace.

With the Landscape of the Outdoor Wood Boiler Industry changing so rapidly due to the Government EPA Regulations has cost a lot of businesses to close their doors and leave customers struggling to find parts and Maintenance products to keep their units up and running. We have decided as a company that we are going to assist customers to locate and offer parts and supplies for their Traditional units up and running.

The New EPA Certified units are very expensive and require a lot of maintenance. These units are riddled with issues with shorter burn times, people who converted over to the New EPA Units wish they had their traditional units back.

Environmental Aspects of Using an Outdoor Wood Boiler and Personal Benefits

Environmental Protection Agency Regulations for Residential Wood Heaters

The wood furnace has been around for years but it was pushed to the wayside due to the low cost of fossil fuels and electricity.

Now that the cost of fossil fuels and electricity is increasing and new research exposing the damaging effects that burning fossil fuels has on our environment, we are looking for a safe and inexpensive alternative and we have found it!

Burning Fossil fuels have familiarized us with the terms “Greenhouse effect” and “Global Warming”. With the climbing prices of Oil, propane, and electricity, people are searching for alternative solutions to their increasing heating bills.

As consumers, we, are locked into paying whatever price a corporation extends (war time or peace time) for fossil fuel. Also, the extent of damage fossil fuel has on our environment includes its shipment (Remember Exxon Valdez).

As scientist continue their research, we should change our ways to preserve the environment rather than damage it further.
Burning cut timber is a source of energy that has been around since fire was discovered. Nature finds a way to burn off dead or dying trees using lightning and other forms of natural fire starters, to purge the dead and dying to make room for the new.

You will probably remember a bear named “Smokey the Bear” and his message “Don’t Start Forest Fires”. You might be wondering where has he been. The US Forestry Service has realized that burning is a natural occurrence that is necessary to cycle trees and new growth. With Smokey’s help, we immediately extinguished natural fires as soon as they started.

What happened is that an excessive amount of dead trees and debris built up on the forest floor, so when a fire finally began it was incredibly hot causing “healthy” trees to be destroyed as well and killing seeds and kept baby shoots from germinating. This caused total devastation which takes years to heal. We’ve learned that control burning is the best way to prevent this.

Burning with a wood furnace has several advantages:

  • First and most importantly to me is: “You’re not dependent on the oil, electric, propane or gas companies” You call the shots. If you desire to get your own wood, heating is free! You might have heard the saying “wood heats twice” The wood heats you when you’re getting it and heats your home as well. Let me tell you cutting and collecting wood is not for the weak. It is a hard job but gets you into shape quickly and keeps you there and saves you money and time at the gym.
  • If you feel like not cutting your own wood and still want to save about 50% or more, phone to your local firewood guy will do the trick! He will love you and save you some money from the next guy because you can burn all kinds of wood which he can’t pass off the fireplace guys. The firewood guy has wood that has insects and pine wood and big old knots that can’t be split, tell him to bring it all and also let him know that you don’t need the wood split, just small enough for you to pick up. The length of the wood doesn’t really matter. He will be calling you twice a month and bringing beers and hanging out with you by your furnace. (This is experience talking)
  • Thirdly, I love providing for my family and giving them a warm house and hot water. Before my wood furnace, my house was at 68 degrees and costing me $300 to $400 a month. When I got the wood furnace my heat went up to 74 degrees and it felt good knowing that I provided that. Another nice advantage is the hot water, you get free hot water as well that means long hot showers and it cost you a log or 2. We also heat my in-laws pool to 89 degrees in the summer.

Read more about EPA Regulations for Residential Wood Heaters.

How Efficient Are Outdoor Wood Boilers

An outdoor wood boiler can be the answer to higher energy prices.

What if there were a way to heat your home, give you all the hot water you need for baths, showers, laundry and more, heat your pool, spa, and anything else you wanted to keep warm with a truly efficient and renewable resource? What if you could help the environment while you were heating your home? What if you could do all this for FREE?

It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But there is a resource that fits all of these specifications. It’s right in your backyard. Wood is easy to find and acquire.
Now you’re saying, “But that’s old-fashioned and inefficient. Hey, and it’s a lot of work. And it’s dirty too!”

Not true. Wood heating has come of age. The modern exterior wood furnace takes advantage of the latest developments in heating technology. Set up outside your home, and using water and heat exchangers, our furnace burns cleanly and efficiently. In most cases, it can be connected to your existing system to distribute the heat.

Because all your fuel is kept outside, you won’t have the mess associated with indoor stoves. The unit will burn all sizes and types of wood, too… even those unsplittable knotty pieces. And the best part is you only have to feed it once or twice a day – even in the coldest weather. Load it up in the morning and evening, and the unit will do the rest. Water heated to 160 to 180 degrees surrounds the firebox, then it courses through tubing to your home where heat exchangers convert it to hot air which is dispersed by your existing system.

Coal, gas, and oil are fossil-based, non-renewable resources. And in the last year, costs for these commodities have soared. Electricity prices are also climbing.

The environmental impact of these fuels is also a factor that must be considered. The methods used to extract fossil fuels are damaging. Home systems, unless they are constantly and professionally maintained, are not efficient burners. Electricity is often produced by coal-fueled plants or by hydroelectric dams that affect our fragile ecosystems.

There is no other source of warming the home that gives you all the advantages of a timber-fueled system. It’s environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and efficient. And with a little extra work, you can get all this for free. This is an energy source that grows virtually everywhere.

How Do Outdoor Wood Boilers Work

What is a Wood Furnace

The concept in which these wood furnaces works is so simple. As you can see in the picture diagram #1 (below), the fire pit is surrounded by a water jacket.

The water heats up to around 185 degrees and then is pumped into your home through insulated underground Pex pipe. The hot water is then cycled through a domestic hot water heat exchanger and then it is sent to a heat exchanger for your existing furnace. This is displayed in diagram #2 (below).

The wood furnaces can also be hooked up to swimming pools, whirlpools, radiant floor heating system and about anything you can think of.

Wood Furnace Benefits and Features
Pipes Pipes

Wood Furnace Benefits and Features Pipes On top of heating your home and domestic hot water, these units can easily be set up to heat areas of your home such as garage and basements with little effort and cost.

First, let me assure you this is an easy thing to do! If you are handy with the homeowner basics you should have no problem setting this up yourself.

From the start of the company 20 years ago, our goal has been to help our customers achieve an independent and self-sufficient lifestyle with our efficient furnaces.

WoodMaster Is my first recommendation. It was designed for family use with safety in mind. Taking the fire hazard and the mess outside. We knew we could make a superior product than the other units on the market. The design of the heat-baffle round chamber would produce a superior heat transfer and water circulation.

Outdoor Wood Furnace Uses

Outdoor Wood Boiler

Use your wood burning stove (outdoor wood furnace) to heat your home, business, garage, pool, and spa; or connect to your radiant in-floor heating systems.

Using wood in a wood burning stove to meet your heating needs is an environmentally friendly fuel source. Unlike fossil fuels, wood is a renewable fuel source that is abundant in North America.

Inexpensive, environmentally friendly, renewable and abundant

What Makes a Good Wood Furnace?

The Outdoor Wood furnace is by far the best way to heat your entire home.

  • The wood and bugs stay outside
  • You only need to split and cut wood to pick it up.
  • Smoke and dust are outside.
  • You only need to feed fire once a day.
  • You can heat anything.
  • Can connect to most existing furnaces.
  • Burns more efficiently than other indoor wood stoves
  • Can heat domestic hot water
  • Can heat your pool or spa
  • Do I need to continue?

I have tried about every option out there and I can tell you confidently this is the easiest and cleanest way to heat your entire home.

I even have experience in other outdoor wood-burning furnaces. I have operated the Central Boiler, Wood Doctor, and the WoodMaster. I still own the units to show customers the differences between the units so they can make an educated decision.

Outdoor Wood Furnace VS Wood Stove:

  • Refer to list above!
  • You will handle the wood a lot more with an indoor wood stove.
  • You will burn more wood heating in the same area as an indoor stove.
  • You can’t control heat very well with an indoor wood stove.
  • You're at risk of burns (kids) with an indoor stove.
  • You can’t heat domestic hot water with an indoor wood stove.
  • You have to feed an indoor wood stove 5 to 6 times a 24 hour period.
  • You can’t burn soft woods like pine or hemlock with an indoor wood stove.
  • A good indoor wood stove is cost wise is very comparable to an outdoor wood stove.
  • Homeowners insurance will increase with an indoor wood stove and decrease with an outdoor wood stove.
  • You risk carbon monoxide accumulation in the house.

Outdoor Wood Furnace VS Pellet Stove:

  • Refer to many of the points above.
  • Pellets prices will follow fossil fuel prices.
  • You have to buy a fuel source with a pellet stove.
  • No dust inside the home.
  • Can’t manage the heat very well with pellet stove.
  • As expensive as an outdoor wood stove after install.
  • Pellet stove can’t heat anything else. (Domestic Hot Water & etc.)
  • You can heat multiple buildings with an outdoor wood furnace.
  • You can heat a swimming pool or spa with an outdoor wood furnace.
  • So on and so on.

Indoor Wood Furnaces VS Outdoor Wood Furnaces:

Indoor vs Outdoor Wood Boilers

  • You need to bring the wood in the home.
  • Bugs, smoke, dust, and ash are best outdoors.
  • Refer to lists above!

Who Makes the Best Outdoor Wood Boiler

Our company prides itself on bringing you the latest innovations in this technology, along with full-service parts and accessories.

You’ve probably heard about the environmentally friendly method of heating your home, your pool, your water and any space in your home. If you have, then you’ve come to the right place. If you haven’t, well, you’ve still come to the right place.

We’re the experts you need regarding Outdoor Wood Boilers, Alternative Heating, Wood Burning Stoves, Outdoor Furnaces and Hydro Heat.

Whether you’re looking for Wood Master, Wood Doctor CTWood Furnace Parts and Accessories, Pex Tubing, Plumbing Solutions, or Wood Boilers installation services and maintenance, you came to the right place!

We’re also well versed in Wood Furnace Law. Talk to us, we’ve got the answers.

We have years of experience and can advise you on choosing the right equipment for your home. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today


Outdoor Wood Boilers - Alternative Heating and Supplies Outdoor Wood Boilers - Alternative Heating and Supplies

We carry an exceptional supply of wood furnace parts and the prices on our wood furnace parts are also very attractive.

If you’re not up to speed on wood furnaces, many people are taking advantage of the new way to heat your home, give you all the hot water you need for baths, showers, laundry and more, heat your pool, spa, and anything else you wanted to keep warm with a truly efficient and renewable resource. They know that they can help the environment while heating their home. And, they’re doing it for free!

Check out our blog posts on how to install and maintain an outdoor wood boiler, and if you need more details, do not hesitate to contact us!


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  • Candy Baldwin

    Looking for prices. Muskoka Ontario Canada. 2400 sq ft home with forced air propane furnace. We can do alot of the work involved

    • admin

      Hi Candy, You need to find your local dealer for prices.

      • matthew ledwein

        Hello and thank you for all the info. Do you have a video on using your wood boiler with a forced furnace? Also would I be able to heat my domestic water (4 people) hot tube (6 person) and heat my 2000 sq ft house all on one loop?
        Thanks Matt

  • Sandra Delk

    I already have an out door wood furnace, but it has some age on it . I'm looking to up grade so can you give me a price ? I'm looking to heat around 3000 square ft.

    • admin

      Hi Sandra, There are so many variables to a unit for your application. also you need to find a dealer local to you. Pricing is different for make, model and size. I hope this helps Jeff

  • Anthony Lopez

    I am very interested in alternative heating. I am going to build a rancher house and looking at alternative forms of heat to supply the home and after reading about the wood heater i would like to heat the garage as well. I was currently thinking about a wood burning stove inside however this method seems cleaner and more conservative. I live in southern colorado so it does get cold iin the winter. I would like alot more information including prices. It would be nice to actually see a live demonstration.

    • admin

      Hi Anthony, The outdoor stove is the final progression for heating your home with wood. Most of us also traveled the indoor stove path and come to the same conclusion. It is so much easier and cleaner and you can heat the whole house and feed thee unit once or twice a day to achieve this. If you go to Youtube i have several videos. Or what would you like to see specifically?

  • Dave Gifford

    I would like assistance on choosing a wood boiler for my house up north. I currently have in-floor heat in my 1000 sq ft basement currently power by an on-demand electric boiler. Please send ideas and prices.

    • admin

      Hi Dave, Welcome to the Club! I personally think there are many good and great units out there. I use the analogy that it like trucks (Ford, Chevy & Dodge) It is a personal opinion. The things i look for is what i call "common sense point" what i mean here is if it makes common sense it is usually right... Example Central boiler claimed it was better to have more water then less. This is False: water is just a transport for the heat, more water is needed to buffer the recovery time as well which means slow or bad heat transfer. The most efficient hot water tanks and inside boilers have very little water in them; simply because they have a very fast recovery. Or you can look at it this way, if your trying to keep 400 Gallons of 180 degree water outside hot for 24 hours and nothing else, how much wood would you use? quiet a bit. Now do the same thing with 5 gallons. very little. Common sense point.
      So personally like Round barrel units with thick mild steel with less water and fan draft system. Considerably Less welds and much stronger then square or flat bottom units, mild steel much less money and just as good as stainless steel if properly taken care of. I also a big fan of digital controls and stainless chimneys. I hope this helps you choose the best unit for you. Jeff

  • stormi barancik

    looking for an outdoor unit. what do they start at, do you have any packages with everything you need to install?

    • admin

      These units have a very big price difference kinda like cars. It depends on what your trying to heat and the size / BTU needed.
      We do offer packages to simplify the process, but i would recommend finding a local dealer of a unit you like. If your having trouble finding someone near you that you want to work with we can ship products and unit to you.

      Hope this helps even though i didn't answer your question. Between $6,000 and $15,000 for the unit

    • admin

      These units have a very big price difference kinda like cars. It depends on what your trying to heat and the size / BTU needed.
      We do offer packages to simplify the process, but i would recommend finding a local dealer of a unit you like. If your having trouble finding someone near you that you want to work with we can ship products and unit to you.

      Hope this helps even though i didn't answer your question. Between $6,000 and $15,000 for the unit Hope this helps

  • Bradley BDS Steinle
    Bradley BDS Steinle June 28, 2018 at 5:21 pm

    I'm interested in an outside wood boiler, but since I have a country home, I would like to have propane backup. Is that possible with your product.

    • admin

      Yes of course, that is what the are designed to do. You will use the wood boiler as a primary heat source and let's say you hurt your back. No problem your fossil fuel system will activate seamlessly if your hooked up properly.

      PS you will love it.

  • Matthew F

    I'm in Washington State and we're looking at a seasonal home (about a 2 hour drive from our main home) which is equipped with a Woodmaster boiler and radiant floor heat. My question is this: In the winter when we're not there for weeks at a time, is it OK for the system to not be in use during a freeze?

    • admin

      good question. Simple. fill the unit up a full as you can and turn down the heat, it should heat the home for several days and then the fire will go out and simply circulate the water. Moving water doesn't freeze. I know you are going to ask next: well i will loose heat to the wood boiler after it goes out and my main furnace turns on. Yes you will but is very small amount and usually the several days of heating after you leave is more then enough to make up for the loss.


  • Doug

    I have a 1500 sq ft home with access to many acres of oak to burn. My electric hot air furnace (air pushed over what looks like a toaster heating coil set up) is very expensive. My summers are hot but my A/C is very efficient and my utility bill goes way down in summer. Winters are mild (southern MO) but my electric bill is very high due to the lousy furnace system I purchased when I built house a year ago. I am looking at just the hot air outdoor wood burning furnaces and see this "boiler" wood burning set up as well.
    I have a very efficient tank less hot water system...which heats water as you need it so cost less than a conventional tank system and gives me all the hot water I need...never runs out. So will not need system to heat my water just to tap into my existing vent/ductwork and heat house.

    I do not want to spend a ton....have seen pretty reasonable outdoor wood burning furnace (non-boiler type) but am interested in how much a system would cost geared towards a 1500 sq ft house...with an option to tap into a garage down the road.

    1. what would be the best system at best price for my situation.
    2. why the boiler vs just hot air wood burning furnace is better...and how much more typically is that system vs the other?

    thank you!

    • admin

      Hi Doug
      well.... I will start with question 2. I like the wood boilers better then the air, simply because i can hookup to anything and heat pools, spas, domestic hot water, boilers and hot air furnaces compared to the other way all can be done is air. There are many more reasons why i like boilers but i really don't like typing that much...

      question 1. price, it depends on what you choose.. So many different product out there to choose from. I would guess about $7,000 for a good unit and all you need to hookup. it should be a cost of return from your electric bill to heat your home less then 5 yeasrs.

      Hope this helps. Jeff

  • Doug Kratz

    By the Way....very nice article and very informative!
    Thank you for the research and time it took to write it all up!

  • Doug Kratz

    Last Question:
    If I have a really nice and huge Wood Stove fireplace insert---would it be feasible to take this out, buy what I need to make it into an outdoor wood burning furnace.....whether that be a boiler type or just hot air? Would it be cost effective in saving me money over just buying a pre-built unit ready to go? Or is it even possible to do, does it make sense?

    thank you!

    • admin

      I would personally leave it is cause the electricity goes out for heat and buy a pre-made unit like a Woodmaster. I never heard much success from building something from a small unit that was designed for another objective. Hope this helps. Jeff

  • Denise Holliday
    Denise Holliday August 30, 2018 at 12:57 pm

    Please provide me with some prices and materials.

    • admin

      Please let me know what you need for prices for? Woodmaster wood Boilers are $1000 off for another week. Or feel free to call so we can help you size the boiler and parts properly.
      Thanks Jeff
      Our number is 203 881-1602

  • John

    I’m sold please email me info on ordering equipment and ways to transfer the heat from water to air

    • admin

      Hi John, we then welcome to the club.. please give us a call and we need to ask you a couple questions to give you an estimate. This is important to ensure this works well with your application.
      203 881-1602

  • Jennifer Hambright
    Jennifer Hambright October 17, 2018 at 10:27 am

    Hi, so this sounds very interesting and cost effective for our old home. My problem is that out home is so old we do not have a furnace, just base board heating no duct work. What all would need to be done to install the system?

    • admin

      Yes you will have to install an air handler and duct work or something. Sorry for the bad news but there is nothing we can do for electric baseboard.Jeff

  • Cindy Huitt

    I am wanting to heat a greenhouse. I want the water boiler so that maybe I can heat my beds to start my seeds. I do not need a large furnance at this time but would like to grow into a larger one. I need some prices and advice on what you think. Thanks Cindy Huitt

    • admin

      Too many variables for a price quote. If you're located near Connecticut, please call us. 203 881-1602. If you far away look for your local dealer. Shipping of these furnaces can get expensive. For your application look into WoodMaster traditional units like 4400, 5500 would be your best place to start.

  • Bryan Hansen

    When heating with the more efficient gas extraction wood boilers and using a heat exchanger inside the furnace plenum to heat a home, what is the most efficient way to run the furnace/boiler combination? Is it wise to run the program as I would burning propane/natural gas (set lower temps when not occupied or night to save energy) or keep the existing furnace thermostat locked in at a constant temperature? I am curious on your thoughts!

  • Mario


    Can you give me a list of wood boiler manufacturers that have been out of business?

    I have mine for a long time and are looking for spare parts. The manufacturer sticker is not readable, and I don't remember the name of the company.

    Thank you!

    • admin

      Hi, The list is way too long and I have never made the effort to keep track. Call us and we can try to help you.

      Thanks, Jeff

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